Busca ProckBOX

The new line of second generation clarifiers has several models, with capacities ranging from 250 t/h to 1000 t/h of juice. Special models can be custom designed.

Numerous improvements were introduced in our new project, including a new flash balloon to better removal of air, a new system of collection of the clarified juice to eliminate dead spots and a new system for sludge scrapers.

The trayless clarifiers operate automatically and have an average residence time ranging from 45 min to 90 min, depending on the application. The removal of fine bagasse is done by rotating screens or turbo filters.

The automation system controls the temperature and pH of the juice, the addition of flocculants and the sludge removal.

The clarifiers have no tray, and the distribution and juice collection systems were designed so that there are no dead spots and impurities pass through the stable layer of mud, where they are retained.


  • Fully automatic operation;
  • Excellent quality of the juice;
  • Density optimized sludge;
  • Low consumption of flocculants;
  • Reduces the formation of color in the process;
  • Reduces the inversion of sucrose in the process;
  • Low installation and maintenance costs;
  • Possibility of adapting existing conventional equipment;
  • Can be used for secondary treatment of filtrated juice.
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