Busca ProckBOX

The PROCKNOR ENGENHARIA multi-satellite evaporator, the MultiSAT, was developed according the most strict safety standards and ease of operation.

The operation is fully automated, with natural juice circulation and compared to the Robert type evaporators, in terms of cleaning process security, the MultiSAT 2000 is a great choice because is not configured as confined space.

The MultiSAT evaporator is designed to allow high evaporation rates, combined with the flexibility of cleaning stops and less reserve area, as it allows up to six calenders attached in a single separator, not requiring maneuvers between 4th and 5th effects.

This type of evaporator is fully self-supporting, and its design has been developed to be completely manufactured outside the industry, from larger and heavier parts, even small details and floor pipes.

The whole operation was designed in every detail through HAZOP analysis, considering the NR 8, NR 12 NR 13 and ASME VIII standards and important operational aspects arising from the experience of PROCKNOR in its more than 1.400 projects.

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