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The single pass evaporators are equipment manufactured in Brazil with technology from French company FIVES.

Single pass evaporators FIVES – PROCKNOR are designed to provide high evaporation rates because they have a highly efficient tube bundle design. The heating steam reaches the tube bundle in direction to the center, providing an ideal distribution of steam and forcing all incondensable gases to the center of the calandria, where they are removed in a simple and effective way.

As the evaporation takes place in a single pass, the equipment has no central tube, reducing the juice volume and therefore the residence time.

The tubes can be manufactured of carbon steel or stainless steel, and chemical cleaning can be performed. The tube length varies from 2,300 mm to 4,500 mm, depending on the average brix of the juice on each body.

The evaporators can be freestanding, requiring no heavy steel structure and with simple civil foundations.

The outlet drop separation system is incorporated into the equipment body, reducing the space needed and ensuring maximum efficiency in the separation of the droplets. It may be of centrifugal type or the type of contact (inertial impact), depending on each specific application.

The line has models with capacities ranging from 1,000 m² to 6,000 m² of internal surface heating. However, evaporators with larger capacities (up to 10,000 m²) can be provided under special design.


  • Project of an innovative tube bundle features ideal heat exchange coefficient;
  • Absence of the central tube decreases the residence time of the juice;
  • Withdrawal simple, effective and guaranteed of incondensable gas;
  • Optimized droplet separation;
  • Low cost installation and maintenance;
  • Takes up less installation area for large heat exchange surfaces;
  • Designed for specific operating condition.
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