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The massecuite reheaters are equipment manufactured in Brazil with technology from French company FIVES (Fletcher Smith).

They are designed for rapid heating of the massecute, without dissolution of crystals. This provides a warm massecute with the ideal viscosity for the centrifuge in order to achieve a good separation between crystals and honey and preserves the crystals formed during the evaporation.

It is a robust equipment, which has no moving parts, and that is suitable for continuous operation. Being a totally enclosed equipment, the reheater protects the massecute against any kind of contamination that is moving to the centrifuge.

The equipment design determines the ability to deal with high viscosity paste, heating it rapidly through a temperature-controlled hot water to prevent the dissolution of crystals and ensure there are no areas of overheating. This equipment is capable of heating all types of massecute, including high viscosity, usually found in sugar mills.

Today there are several units in operation worldwide, with heating surfaces ranging between 100 and 1500 m².

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