Busca ProckBOX

The price paid for sugar produced also depends on its CV (coefficient of variation) that informs the uniformity of size of the crystals. A low CV is formed from the seed production in the lab to the boiling process of masses A, B and C.

The magma conditioner is an equipment that was developed to pave the magma (crystals) of the masses B and C that will initiate the boiling for the masses A and B, respectively. Our technology can achieve, through an automation system, a controlled dilution with proper tightness of the magma that leads ultimately to a homogeneous boiling, without fines and without lumps so that the following massecute has the proper conditions to maintain good quality.

Parts of the equipment are aimed at underlining and breaking lumps and the extra residence time offered ensures homogenization and removal of fines. The magma conditioner can be constructed in carbon or stainless steel.

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