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The stirrers SEMCO-PROCKNOR were especially studied and designed to be used in fermentation systems, seeking to utilize the vast experience of SEMCO and PROCKNOR ENGENHARIA in the design of agitation systems with high efficiency and low power consumption. For the selection of stirrers, we should use as a parameter the degree of pumping generated by the stirrer that is defined by the number renewals per hour for the tank in question. Our recommendation is to use to say the least 14 changes per hour in the pre-fermenting and 6 to 8 changes per hour in the fermenters. Treatment systems is recommended a more vigorous agitation, since there are proportionally more solid material in suspension and the process itself must be faster than in the fermentation.

The agitation systems SEMCO-PROCKNOR are designed to be installed on the side of the pre-fermenter the fermenters and ensuring the best possible level of agitation, and allowing for minimum energy use. For a typical 500 m³ fermentor, we have an installed capacity of 15 hp with a maximum of eight hours for renewals. They also have a hardened shaft with mechanical seal and seal with water, eliminating all possible problems with leaks.

The proper agitation during fermentation has the following advantages:

  • Improved homogenization system, with lower gradients of temperature;
  • Lower fermentation times;
  • Increased efficiency fermentation;
  • Increased productivity of equipment;
  • Increased efficiency of separation in centrifuges;
  • More representative sampling;
  • A significant reduction of consumption of defoamer;
  • Reduction funds fermenter.

The above advantages mean more ethanol per ton of ART, which makes the return on investment is guaranteed.

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