Busca ProckBOX

When intended to increase the production of sugar, it is usually possible to maintain the pumping stations and cooling equipment (spray tanks or cooling towers) without increasing its capacity by replacing multijet type condensers for more efficient condensers, barometric type.

PROCKNOR ENGENHARIA has developed more efficient condensers, and the clients besides increase sugar production, have kept existing pumps turned off due to the economy in the consumption of cooling water.

The control of the counter-current barometric condenser allows a much more suitable control of the vacuum, since the reduction of water flow has a small interference in the incondensable removal capacity. This is an important advantage when requesting more automation in the process and bigger savings in water consumption.

The barometric condenser designed by PROCKNOR ENGENHARIA has no trays and are much more efficient than the existing multijet condensers and can easily be built in the plant itself.

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